Ruth Mateus-Berr: Familiar and foreign

Ruth Mateus-Berr

New analysis by the WHO (World Health Organisation) shows that negative attitudes towards older people are widespread and ageism is extremely common. By 2025 the number of people aged 60 and over will double, and by 2050 will reach 2 billion globally, with the vast majority of older people living in low and middle-income countries. People with dementia suffer from societal stigmatization. Common tasks like shopping, financial agendas and traveling to unknown places can be difficult for them. To avoid rejection and embarrassment they seclude themselves from society. This project aims to facilitate empathy and a language of sensitivities for people with dementia. We all have experiences with confusion and order, feeling familiar and foreign …

METHOD, LOCATION: see attachment

Public Drawing with chalks will document images of confusion and order and discuss the topic “orientation“.

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